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What is the Most Appropriate Cleaning Solution for Institutional Cleaning Companies?

Hotels, hospitals, shopping malls, restaurants often have their floors made of marble to make them look stylish. However, marbles lose their old cleanliness and shine due to constant movement on them. Cleaning and re-polishing marble surfaces has become an important issue for corporate companies that clean here.

What is the Most Sensitive Subject?

Especially without the importance of cleaning machine quality and cleaning personnel should be able to make these solutions without being highly qualified. Because the costs of cleaning machines and qualified personnel are increasing day by day, it is more and more difficult to agree with the institutions they work with. Therefore, they need different solutions.

It’s Time for a Change with Abramer Products!

Here, as the Abramer family, we always continue to develop our products, which see the needs in the sector, think solution-oriented, and reduce the costs of companies in terms of price-performance, while maintaining their quality.

Accordingly, we have presented Abramer Cleaning and Polishing Pads for cleaning and polishing marble surfaces.


Advantages of Abramer Cleaning and Polishing Pads?

  • You can use our products in any cleaning machine.
    Even staff without advanced knowledge can practice.
    It is applied with water only.
    After the application, the dirt on the surfaces is cleaned.
    Because we have up to 10 000 grit products, you will get a high level of brightness.
    If there is a glass, ceramic or brass coating on the surfaces during the application, it will not damage them and will not scratch the surface at all.
    After working on the marble surface, there is no ripple, trace or orange peel appearance.
    Since the surfaces are cleaned and polished by polishing, the gloss persistence lasts longer.
    There is no need for any other polish or preservative after the application.
    Since our product is Plus, it does not run out quickly. So you can make more space with one product.

You can make free exploration and demo by calling our company or sending an e-mail. You will be amazed at the results!


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