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How Can You Clean and Polish Marble Floors Easier?

What are the mistakes made while trying to clean and polish marble floors in the most correct way? Which products give a more permanent shine to the marble surfaces? How is the cost and performance of polishing with any powder, crystal or liquid marble polish? Are expensive machines and professional workers needed when cleaning and polishing marble surfaces? Such questions come to the minds of all companies with marble surfaces.

Let’s Solve Problems?

As Abramer, we would like to talk about a few innovations that can answer these questions.

Our priority is you!

As Abramer, we always follow a different strategy from other companies with more innovative, high quality products that make the work of companies easier. Instead of selling more of our products, we are always trying to use them for a longer period of time with less costs.

First of all, when you want to polish the floors, you can burn marble surfaces and cause more costly solutions by using unsuitable cleaning and polishing products on marble surfaces. Not every marble type is suitable for every polish and polish. For this reason, you should start working on your marble by starting from the less visible places, not the places that are very visible.

Marble surfaces can be polished in several ways. These are polishing by polishing with powder polish, crystal polish, liquid polish and pad polish. The life of the chemical polish applied to each marble surface is between 6 and 10 months, depending on the brand. The least permanent is the crystal polish. Medium permanent powder polishes. The longest lasting polishing method is polishing made with pads.

For this reason, when the surfaces are polished with powder, liquid or crystal polish, the surfaces return to their original state after a maximum of 1 year. However, when the surfaces are polished by polishing with Polish Pads, this becomes at least 3 times more permanent than other chemical polishes. In other words, the surfaces do not lose their shine between 3 and 5 years.

With this type of pad polish, you don’t need expensive machinery or professional labor to polish surfaces. Even people who have never done this work with any cleaning or polishing machine can easily do this work. Because while working, only cleaning and polishing pads can be attached to the machine and work can be done in a wet way.

Many companies sell these types of cleaning and polishing pads. We, as Abramer, offer the products to the companies with the highest cost and performance. We sell 43cm Abramer Cleaning and Polishing Pads, which are at least 10 times more durable than their competitors, provide a higher level of cleaning and shine, and do not ripple on the surfaces, which we call an orange peel.

When you buy Abramer products, you can use them with just water and a normal cleaning machine. If you want to see our products or have a free demo application, you can contact us and make an appointment.

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