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Protective Coating Application on Marble Surfaces

You don’t have to worry anymore when your marble table or coffee table gets stained after a while. We can now fix the stains on marble surfaces, the traces of glasses and plates, the traces of heat, the stains caused by acid contact, with a special protective coating for marble.

Onsite Application

Protective coating application on marble surfaces is done at your place in 1-2 hours by taking the necessary cleaning measures..

What are the Advantages of Marble Protective Coating?

  • Stains on marble tables, coffee tables or counters disappear.
  • It prevents the formation of stains again.
  • It is resistant to hot objects.
  • It is not affected by acidic or soft drinks.
  • After work, it looks like you bought a new product.
  • The work is completed in 1 hour.
  • Necessary environmental cleaning measures are taken during the work.
  • There is no noise or dust while working.

You can contact us for your work requests. You will be contacted as soon as possible.

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