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Abramer Cleaning and Polishing Pads It is used for polishing marble, granite and concrete. Buy
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Abramer is a registered brand that sells diamond, wet and dry wiping pads and cleaning and polishing products to remove stains and scratches on marble, granite, tile floors, steps, countertops and tables.

Abramer Marble Polishing Products and Applications

Hotels, shopping malls, hospitals, cafes, restaurants or people with polishing machines can purchase Abramer products and use them themselves. They can be used in the simplest polishing and cleaning machines, as well as in the most professional polishing machines.

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Confidence in Quality, Innovation and Easy Solutions

In order to solve the problems in marble, we started our activities in 2017 as Abramer Marble Polishing Products and Applications. We created our brand “Abramer” by combining the words “Abrasiv” and “Marble”, which erodes marble.

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Those who want a higher level of gloss level, more meters of use, longer preservation of the brightness of the surfaces with marble cleaning and polishing products, and a high price-performance ratio can easily achieve these results by choosing Abramer products.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you have any questions, please ask us and we will respond as soon as possible.
    • You can use our products in any cleaning machine.
    • any one even without advanced knowledge can practice.
    • It is applied with water only.
    • After the application, the dirt on the surfaces can be clean.
    • Because we have up to 10 000 grit products, you will get a high level of brightness.
    • If there is a glass, ceramic or brass coating on the surfaces during the application, it will not damage them and will not scratch the surface at all.
    • After working on the marble surface, there is no ripple, trace or stain appearance.
    • Since the surfaces are cleaned and polished by polishing, the gloss persistence lasts longer.
    • There is no need for any other polish or preservative after the application.
    • Since our product is Plus, it does not run out quickly. So you can make more space with one product.
    • Stains on marble tables, coffee tables or counters disappear.
    • It prevents the formation of stains again.
    • It is resistant to hot objects.
    • It is not affected by acidic lemons or soft drinks.
    • After work, it looks like you bought a new product.
    • The work is completed in 1 hour.
    • Necessary environmental cleaning measures are taken during the work.
    • There is no noise or dust while working.

    First of all, when you want to polish the floors, you can burn marble surfaces and cause more costly solutions by using unsuitable cleaning and polishing products on marble surfaces. Not every marble type is suitable for every polish and polish. For this reason, you should start working on your marble by starting from the less visible places, not the places that are very visible.

    Marble surfaces can be polished in several ways. These are polishing by polishing with powder polish, crystal polish, liquid polish and pad polish. The life of the chemical polish applied to each marble surface is between 6 and 10 months, depending on the brand. The least permanent is the crystal polish. Medium permanent powder polishes. The longest lasting polishing method is polishing made with pads.

    Many companies sell these types of cleaning and polishing pads. We, as Abramer, offer the products to the companies with the highest cost and performance. We sell 43cm Abramer Cleaning and Polishing Pads, which are at least 10 times more durable than their competitors, provide a higher level of cleaning and shine, and do not ripple on the surfaces, which we call an orange peel.

    When you buy Abramer products, you can use them with just water and a normal cleaning machine. If you want to see our products or have a free demo application, you can contact us and make an appointment.

    Without using chemical powder or liquid polish, we are starting the era of removing marble table, counter, stair stains in everyone's home.

    Abramer Cila Padleri ile mermer lekeleri artık tarih oluyor. Kimyasal kullanmadan herkes kendi mermerini kolaylıkla temizleyip, parlatabilecek.

    Marble stains are now history with Abramer Polishing Pads. Everyone will be able to easily clean and polish their own marble without using chemicals.

    With Abramer Polishing Pads, you will be able to clean any part of your marble yourself, whenever you want, like a dish sponge at home.

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    WhatsApp: 0542 261 32 48

    When the marbles come out of nature, they are all unpolished and their colors are not completely clear. After the marbles come from the quarries to the factories in the form of blocks or rubble, they are turned into slabs by gang saw machines. They are then sized from the plates and offered for sale. That's where the marble polish, which is the subject of the real color and shine of the marble, comes into play at this point.

         Some of the marbles enter the grinding machines in the form of plates in the factories, are wiped and polished. Some of them are sized to be deleted later, without being erased as a plate. While the marbles are offered for sale from the factories, the prices of the polished and unpolished ones are different. The purchasing companies prefer polished marbles to be covered on walls and stairs, and unpolished marbles to be laid on the ground, both because of their costs and because they will be constantly scratched on the ground at the construction site.

         But they know it has to be wiped and polished when the construction work is done. When all the construction works are completed, they carry out the wiping and polishing work with the companies that make the wiping application. Of course, due to its cost, the construction areas that were delivered without being deleted are not absent today.

         When the marble is first laid, in addition to the level difference, the correction and polishing of the teeth on the flooring formed, it also gets dirty and darkened over time, since marble is a natural stone. Burns can also occur with chemical products spilled on it. Its brightness can go away as you press on it. For these reasons, marbles may need to be wiped and polished every 1-2 years depending on the usage of the ground, not only when they are first laid, but also in later years.

         In order for the cleaning and polishing of such floors to be bright and to stay bright for a long time, the quality of the polish you use and the company that makes the polishing are related. If you polish the marble floors with Abramer Marble Polish and apply liquid polish with ZES Liquid Polish for protection purposes, your marbles will not only reach a higher brightness level, but will also be better protected from external factors by maintaining their bright appearance for a long time.

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