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Protective Coating

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How is Marble Protective Coating Application word?

You don’t have to worry anymore when your marble table or coffee table gets stained after a while. We can now fix the stains on marble surfaces, the traces of glasses, plates, traces of heat, and the stains caused by acid contact, with a special protective coating for marble.

Before Protective Coating Application

When using marble on tables, coffee tables, benches, stains and traces can be occur.

Protective Coating During Application

The application of protective coating on marble surfaces is carried out at your place in a period of 1-2 hours by taking the necessary cleaning measures.

After Protective Coating Application

We apply a transparent protective coating to remove stains and marks on marble surfaces (such as tables, coffee tables, countertops) and to prevent re-staining. After this application, it is not affected by a hot object placed on the marble surfaces and no more stains occur.

Frequently Asked Questions

The protective coating application for a 1mt x 2mt marble table costs an average of 800 – 1000TL + VAT.

A table coating application takes about 2 hours.

No, there will be no stains or scars on it after the application.

Necessary environmental precautions are taken while applying, there is no noise or dust.

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