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Abramer Marble, Polishing Products and Applications

Abramer Dry, Wet, Diamond Wipe Pads (4 ″ – 100mm) to remove stains and scratches from Abramer, Marble, Granite, Tile floor, steps, countertops and tables, Abramer Polishing Pads (100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 175mm, for polishing and polishing 200mm, 430mm) is a registered trademark that is produced and sold abroad.

Abramer provides floor wiping and polishing services for places such as shopping malls, factories, private workplaces, villas with its experienced and expert teams in the field of wiping and polishing of marble floors, stairs, tables and coffee tables.

Abramer imports and exports to Italy, Spain, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Romania and Far East countries.

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